Frans van de Vosse

Research profile

Frans van de Vosse leads the research group Cardiovascular Biomechanics at the department of Biomedical Engineering. His research interests are related to the computational and experimental biomechanical analysis of the cardiovascular system and its application to clinical diagnosis and intervention, cardiovascular prostheses, extracorporeal systems and medical devices. Research at the Cardiovascular Biomechanics group is directed along the topics Blood in Motion, Heart at Work, and Vessels under Stress. The common denominators are the development of computational models, experimental techniques and medical devices, for clinical diagnosis, decision support, and intervention. 

Research description

Sudden cardiac arrest is a major cause of preventable deaths in western world. Cardiac arrests mostly happens without warning, regardless of age and health condition of the subject. With appropriate and quick therapy such as chest compressions, however, survival is possible. Ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation, mostly (but not necessarily) associated with prior history of myocardial infarction, are one of the main causes of sudden cardiac arrest.

In this challenge, we aim to generate a DT strategy to predict auricular and ventricular arrhythmias using earplugs and artificial inteligence.

The occurence of ventricular and auricular arrhythmias occurs due to malfunction of the natural peacemaker of the heart (sinus node) or the electrical connections that allow systole and diastole.  

Selected publications

Van Willigen, B.G., Huberts, W. and van de Vosse, F.N., 2022. A review study of fetal circulatory models to develop a digital twin of a fetus in a perinatal life support system. Frontiers in pediatrics, 10, pp.915846-915846. 

de Lepper, A.G., Buck, C.M., van ‘t Veer, M., Huberts, W., van de Vosse, F.N. and Dekker, L.R., 2022. From evidence-based medicine to digital twin technology for predicting ventricular tachycardia in ischaemic cardiomyopathy. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 19(194), p.20220317. 

Sinha, N., Yang, H., Janse, D., Hendriks, L., Rand, U., Hauser, H., Köster, M., van de Vosse, F.N., de Greef, T.F. and Tel, J., 2022. Microfluidic chip for precise trapping of single cells and temporal analysis of signaling dynamics. Communications Engineering, 1(1), pp.1-12. 

Contact information

+31 40 247 4218

Gemini Zuid 4.131