Digital Twin Lab at TU/e


Digital Twin Lab Inventory List: 

1) 1X    Prespective Desktop computer (win10)

2) 2X    Desktop computer (AMD Ryzen 9; 64GB Memory, RTX 3060, Ubuntu and win10)

3) 1X    HTC VIVE Pro Full Kit+ Eye Tracking (Tethered)

4) 1X    HTC VIVE Pro Full Kit (Wireless)

5) 3X    HTC Vive Tracker 3.0 (Body trackers for 2x feet + 1x waist)

6) 1X    VR Treadmill- Virtualizer Elite2

7) 1X    Microsoft HoloLens2

8) 1X    Manus haptic gloves: (Prime X Haptic Prime X Haptic VR w CORE)

9) 3X    Manus polygon

10)        1X    Ultimaker S5 3D Printer

11)        1X    Dimenco 32” 3D screen

12)        1X one Full robot

13)        2X    Turtlebot

14)        2X    EdiGreen Plus 8-in-1 Multi-Sensor Indoor Air Quality Detector

15)        10X  AM2301 Thermometer Temperature and Humidity Sensor

16)        20X  BH1750 16bit Digital I2C Light Sensor Module

17)        10X  CCS811 and HDC1080 Air Quality Humidity and Temperature Sensor

18)        5X    Smart Wifi Stopcontact Two Pack | Smart Plug

19)        10X  1p 63a ewelink eenfase din rail wifi smart switch energiemeter

20)        10X  BlitzWolf BW SHP2 - WiFi Smart Plug (amazon Alexa)

21)        10x  WiFi Smart Plug (amazon Alexa) – 7200    

22)        10X  WIFIP130FWT Wi-Fi smart plug

23)         1X    Wifi smart fan (Nedis)

24)         1X    PIXYZ Licence (one Year)

25)         1X    Prespective Licence (one Year) 

The DT lab can offer tooling and expert support in twins built from design information (CAD, BIM’s, …), data-assimilation (growing the model with the physical counterpart), human-expertise (expertise and exploration) and scientific-support (re-using knowledge bases and scientific proofs).  This approach is known as “hybrid twins”.